Campaign Signs for Sheriff

Campaign signs for the local county sheriff election always get competitive and heated in Arizona.

unique campaign sign for sheriff

Campaign Sign for sheriff

Most candidates seem to put up signs in their local neighborhoods and residential communities by posting signs along busy traffic routes, so that people catch sight of them going to work in the morning and again while returning home each evening. A typical county sheriff election campaign sign displays the candidate name in bold white or yellow colored letters, but the background will be some combination of red, white and blue. This creates American patriotism appealing to a wide cross section of voters, more than stating their party affiliation and making a secular statement about their political campaign.

The yard sign is probably the most commonly seen yard sign seen during the county sheriff elections. Home owners from Arizona are frequently seen making their own political statements, right on their front lawn or atop their rooftops. These home based political yard sign ads make a big impression on the undecided voters within the Sunshine State. It could be argued that yard sign politics get more voters attention each election, than do any big money political campaign ads on television, the radio, or through online media.

Locally, a well placed yard sign is political campaign gold that costs almost nothing to get displayed and viewed by large numbers of people each day.

Campaign signs for election of the county sheriff are less about political party affiliation, than other locally elected officials. The local law enforcement community is a very selective group of individuals, both those who are interested in running and those who are qualified to do the job of county sheriff. Therefore, our campaign signs for local sheriff are mostly used by the uncontested incumbent , as it has been for many terms without fail in Arizona.

Make sure your campaign signs for Sheriff stand out from the crowd. Let us design them for you.

Campaign Signs for Orlando City Commission

Here are the two campaign signs for the runoff election in Orlando between Juan Lynum and Regina Hill. They are both very, very bad designs.

Orlando Campaign Sign

Regina Hill Campaign Sign

Orlando Campaign Sign
Juan Lynum Campaign Sign

Where to start on this campaign. Can you read anything? No. She paid for a 4 color process sign and then just butchered it. She did not put a name full width of sign, put a date on the sign. In this case the date is wrong as they went into a runoff. She put a slogan that in unreadable. She put a website, not hers, that is unreadable. Just a horrible waste of a campaign sign

Juan’s campaign sign is not much better, but clearly the better of the two. He too put a date on the sign, and the word elect very small. Then he put a slogan and used the district number on the sign. In this case, it was the only election in town so even less need for the district number. Lynum could have been a little taller and wider. His was running on his mothers last name, so make it huge.


Please, please let me design and print your campaign signs so you do not make these very bad mistakes. For more ideas, go to the Design ideas page to view some simple, great sign designs.

Campaign signs for judge

Campaign signs for judge are all about name id.

Campaign signs for judge

Wallis Campaign sign for judge

You need a design that will stand out against all the other signs in the street or at a polling place. This is a good example of red and blue that is a little different. Stars inside the letters in the judge give it a great pop.

This sign follows almost all my rules, name full width, no vote or elect or date. Easy to read font. Can be read from far away. Overall a great sign. He won this election with 82% of the vote. I would say this campaign sign for a judicial campaign was very successful.

Edgewood sign buyer is largest vote getter

This is a sign I did for my friend Dan Drummond. In the City of Edgewood, candidates run and you win by a plurality. He was the only candidate to buy campaign signs and he received the largest amount of votes.

Dan would not let me do an elaborate design, so I used a screen fade to give it some added diminesion.

Drummond Edgewood campaign signEdgewood is a very small city in Orange County Florida.  He only ordered 100 signs as their was only one polling place.

Apopka campaign signs, good and bad

ustler apopka sign 1ustler apopka sign 2

Apopka Campaign Sign

Bad on top, better on bottom.

I went to the polls the other day to see all the signs in Apopka and saw two different campaigns had changed their sign.

The first, Ruth, is a classic example ofnot enough contrast when your sign is red out of blue. Their second attempt, just one color, was much better and cheaper.

The second one, McQueen violated one of my cardinal rules on campaign sign design. Either the first name or last name should be the full width of the sign to make it readable at 35 mph. She also changed the fern and made it look like a pot plant. Very bad design on both cases.