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Campaign in Baton Rouge with Quality Sign Production

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Everyone has seen campaign signs. These colorful ads pop up everywhere during an election year, peppering roadsides and littering yards. These yard signs are quintessential to the political process in America, and they can elicit a lot of emotion. However, a good campaign sign is about more than a political platform. A good yard sign must be produced by a good printer. Before you stake your claim with just any printing company in Baton Rouge or other parts of Louisiana, here is what you need to know about the production of campaign signs.

The Size of the Printer MattersBaton Rouge Campaign Signs Printing

Anyone with a computer and a printer in their house can feasibly produce a sign. However, your standard print device is not going to be sufficient for yard signs. The device you have in your house is probably of average size. This means it can print normal sheets of paper. This is insufficient for the typical sign. On average, political campaign signs are 24 inches by 18 inches in size. In order to accommodate this size, you need to use a large format machine. In addition to size, a large format device will offer superior quality and speed. These factors are incredibly important when producing signs. In addition to producing signs for campaigns, these devices are also used for posters, art productions, theater backdrops, car wraps and more.

Color Quality Is Extremely Important

If you really want to make a difference with your yard signs, be sure to look at the color quality as well. Color quality refers to the type of ink being used. For the best results, most signs are made with a 4 color process. This means that there are four basic ink colors used. These four colors are cyan, magenta, yellow and black. Sometimes, 4 color process is also referred to as CMYK. No matter what you call it, the idea is simple. With four base colors, the ink can be mixed to produce the full range of hues. By using these four colors, it is possible to expedite the production process and minimize ink consumption. Spot color is a different option, but this process requires inks to be set separately in advance .

Materials that Make a Real Difference

The thing about signs that go in yards and on street corners is that they are there all the time. They stand strong come rain or shine. This is what makes them effective advertising tools. In order to achieve this kind of staying power, it is important to look for a company that provides quality materials. In other words, you need to make sure the sign is produced on a surface that can hold up to the elements. It should not get warped in the rain. It should be able to withstand hours of direct sunlight without fading. This is why you need a company that uses coroplast. Coroplast is a corrugated plastic that is produced in sheets. It is thin enough for print purposes, and it is durable enough to work well as a sign. On average, a coroplast sign will last for one to two years outside. This means that a coroplast sign should definitely get you through an entire campaign season.

Know the Process that Yields Success

Most people have seen how the normal print process works. The device feeds the paper through, and ink is transferred through the paper. In a standard process, the ink is allowed to saturate the paper. That is why pictures in full color are not suited for standard paper. The amount of ink can warp the paper. This is the standard process, but for better results, you probably want to go with screen printing. This is a complicated print process that transfers the ink onto the surface of the material. This way, the ink does not seep into the layers of the sign. Instead, it stays true and vibrant on the top. To achieve this effect, screen printing uses a thin mesh. This mesh is stretched over a frame. Ink is transferred to the screen before it sets on the print surface. Given the complicated nature of this process, you may wonder why it is worth the time and effort. The answer is simple. By using a screen, you get better color quality. You also get better staying power. If these signs can survive for up to two years in the elements, then you need print methods that will endure as well. This is what you get when you opt for the screen process.

Seek Out Good Design Support

You may think that political signs just need a name and a few bright colors. However, a good sign requires a lot more design preparation. Anyone can print a name on a piece of coroplast, but if you want a sign that really attracts attention, then you need to invest some time and effort into the design process. A good sign should have the right color balance. You want colors that are easy to see, and you also need colors that stand out. That is why most signs do not go with black and white. Many signs also opt for a dark background so that the light-colored text really pops. Look for color schemes that are distinctive and still pleasing to the eye. Other design elements can include graphics and fonts. The key is to make sure the sign is fully readable while still standing out from the crowd. If you have never designed a sign before, then work with a company that can provide design support.

Be Confident of the Turnaround

There is a lot that goes into quality sign production, which is why you need a company that can get the job done fast. Your campaign needs are pressing and immediate. If you have to wait around for an unreliable print process, then you are losing valuable ground to your competition. That is why you are best served by working with a company that specializes in these signs. Companies that focus on signs for politics are going to know what you need, and they are going to be able to deliver the best product in the least amount of time possible. This is what you should expect when choosing your print company. Do not settle for anything less.

Streamline Your Ordering Process

If you are running your campaign in Baton Rouge or other parts of Louisiana, you do not have time to focus on sign production. In politics, having the right connections can make or break your campaign. This is true in all aspects of your campaign. Designing, ordering and print processing your signs are no different. You need the best company that offers the best quality, superior design and exceptional turnaround time. That is what you will get when you work with This family business has experience in consulting for politicians, and its print capabilities are without rival. With comprehensive service, the company will help you design a striking sign and quickly deliver with quality products that will stand out for the entirety of your campaign season. Therefore, do not delay. Contact today to jumpstart your campaign with quality sign printing.

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