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Crazy Florida Campaign Signs

Spent election day taking pictures of campaign signs in Sanford, Flagler Beach and Ormond Beach. The picture below contains some of the more unique signs ( not necessarily good ) I saw for the day. The first one is the very first time other than alliteration I have ever agreed with using the word vote on a campaign yard sign. This sign looks like a sign for an emergency room, not an election for Hospital Board.

Not sure why a candidate would put a caricature of themselves like Anderson did, or why there is a blob with a gun.

Only in Florida elections. It is funny, before driving around the state on Tuesday I thought Biden was going to win. But when I got back home I called my friend Lee and told him that I had changed my mind and thought Trump would win.

There was just so much enthusiasm for Trump that I did not expect. I have seen the rallies on TV, but real voters at polls is a different story.

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