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Exception To Rule About Putting District Numbers On Signs

Exception to rule about putting district numbers on signs

This campaign yard sign is from Ocala, Florida in Marion County.

My rule is mostly to never put what district you are running for because absolutely no one except 10 political junkies or the people at the elections office know which district they are in. NOT for Congress, School, Board or in this case county commission.

But, he was using rhyming as a memory device and I am completely ok with it and this sign stood out more than most in Ocala this election season in my opinion.

Ocala Campaign signs on side of the road

The risk would be that another candidate named Bobby signs up to run for office and you get associated with that person – the good and the bad.

It is especially clever because his last name is hard to spell, long and hard to pronounce but Bobby D is simple.

This sign shows that you can have great design with a simple one color sign.

Get your Ocala campaign signs printed by calling 407-617-4289.

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