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How many campaign signs should we order

How many campaign signs to order?

There are four main factors when deciding how many campaign signs to order.

  • How many can you afford?
  • How many voters?
  • How big of an area do you cover?
  • How many voting precincts are there?

I can tell you one thing, you would rather order too many than not enough, many times campaigns will not order enough and run out before election day. Oops, the printers are very busy printing and the cost can go up and the turnaround will go down.
You must have the money in your account before you order the signs, so look at your budget carefully and place your campaign sign order as early as possible.
If you are a small campaign where only 500 people will vote, you probably don’t need more than 250 signs. If you are running a state wide campaign, then you might need 10,000. If you are not sure, please call us and we will help you decide.
As you go into multiple counties, you need more signs. You may need to supply to each local party, and each local special interest group.
You will need a minimum of 10 signs per polling place.  Make sure you save these for the last few days when you get your campaign signs delivered. A few at the actual polling place and then a few more on the roads leading into the polling place.
​One other important variable is local custom about campaign signs. Do people generally put signs in the right-of-way to create name id. If so, don’t let your opponent outspend you on campaign yard signs

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