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How to make handing out signs easier

Many campaigns hate handing out campaign signs to volunteers and supporters because it takes so much time and effort to coordinate.

3 easy steps to make it easier for your campaign.

  1. Have a sign building party for those volunteers that do not want to knock on doors or make phone calls. Almost every single volunteer can put a stake into corrugated plastic campaign signs or put a bag over a u stake
  2. Place 10 to 20 campaign signs that are already assembled outside your campaign headquarters and let people know on social media that they are available. Also, have one day a week where anyone can come pick up signs. I would suggest Saturday morning before noon. It only takes one volunteer to man the sign hand out location.
  3. If you have a statewide or multi-county campaign, then make sure you deliver signs to the local party headquarters. This will save calls and visits to your headquarters.

I hope this helps ease the frustration of handing out signs because people want the signs and they are a great source of money, name id and momentum for any political campaign

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