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Campaign Sign Design Ideas

Whether you are participating in your first campaign or are a seasoned politician in the great state of Alabama, campaign signs are one of the best ways to get your name out into the community. Regardless of whether your community knows who you are, if they can recognize your name, or associate your sign with you, you are more likely to come to mind when they are standing in front of the ballot box. 

To ensure your visibility during the campaign, you need the help of a Montgomery campaign sign printer. With an expert sign printing company at the ready, you can grab one of these creative campaign sign ideas and launch your campaign with confidence. 

6 Tips to Make Your Campaign Sign Stand Out Against the Competition

So, how do you design a political sign that stands out against the competition? More importantly, what are some features you should have on your sign that will draw in voters? 

We’ve got some helpful tips for you to keep in mind while brainstorming your next sign; you can also check out our design ideas and templates page to get some insight and see real-life and mockup examples.

Let’s jump into some tried and true methods of getting your next sign to stand out against the competition. 

1. Use an Easy to Read Font

Clear and easy to read fonts are your friend. A campaign sign is not the time to get fancy, so stick with basic fonts free of curlicues and swirls. Avoid script fonts, and get comfortable with block letters. 

Depending on the design, you can use all caps to write out your name, but always make sure to follow proper capitalization rules. Choosing the best Montgomery Campaign Signs printer is also a smart idea; you can avoid misspellings and awkward designs by choosing a reputable sign printer.

Easy to Read Fonts: 

  • Verdana
  • Helvetica
  • Georgia
  • PT Sans
  • Times New Roman

Hard to Read Fonts: 

  • Cursive
  • Comic Sans
  • Courier New
  • Impact

2. Your Color Scheme Matters

When it comes to signs, especially yard signs, using the wrong color scheme can cause your sign to blend into the environment rendering it challenging to read and, at times, invisible. When choosing your color scheme, focus on colors that work well together and stand out against the environment. Consider the season; if it’s summertime, you might want to steer clear of all green lawn signs.  

Contrasting colors work great, especially when it comes to copy. It’s much easier to read and an all blue sign with a white copy than an all blue sign with a green copy. 

Lastly, when choosing your color scheme, make sure to avoid the colors used by your opponents. When you use the same color scheme as your opponent, your audience can confuse you with the competition. In campaigns where several opponents are running, it becomes even more important to use a color scheme that makes you stand out from the rest. 

Even in campaigns where voters may not know who you are, they will remember your sign. And if they continuously see your sign because it stands out amongst the competition due to the color, you are more likely to be the frontrunner in their mind when they are casting their ballots.

3. Less Content is More

Whether it is a yard sign, a political sign, less content on your sign is always more. It is important to stick to the basics. For many signs, especially campaign signs, keep the information short and sweet, focusing on who is running and for what office. Additional information like a seat number, district number, or even voting location is unnecessary and often useless for your audience. 

When you are using a sign to advertise during an election, your audience only has a couple of seconds to read the information. You want to make sure they get exactly what they need to know all in a glance. Signs that have unnecessary information, including dates, quotes, and other copy can be distracting, uninformative, and aesthetically unpleasing. 

4. Use the Right Amount of Text

Using too much text on your sign violates the less-is-more rule. Words like vote, relax, or elect, are redundant and should be avoided because they only take up space. Unless these words go with a campaign slogan, it’s best just to leave them out. 

Speaking of campaign slogans, keeping it short and sweet will allow you to place it on your sign without it taking up too much space. If there are more than three or four words in your slogan, it’s best to keep it out. Typically, you should aim for 40% of your space to include copy and 60% of your space to be negative space (empty).

5. Simple Logos Work 

While you don’t have to have one, a well-designed logo can be an asset to any sign. A logo can help you stand out, be great from additional marketing, including bumper stickers, but more importantly, your community can associate you with your logo. If you choose to use a logo, be sure to keep it extremely simple in both design and color scheme. 

6. Work off a Template

When brainstorming, sometimes it can help to start off with a template, especially if it is your first time working with signs. Our helpful list of template ideas will give you a great springboard into your sign design. They can be used for a variety of campaigns, including the following,

  • School Board campaigns
  • Sheriff’s Office campaigns
  • Judge campaign
  • City council campaigns
  • Mayoral campaigns
  • Congressional campaigns

Final Thoughts on How to Make Your Campaign Sign Stand Out

Nailing your campaign sign could be the secret to a successful political campaign here in Alabama. But drawing attention to yourself — in a good way — isn’t always easy. Fortunately, with the help of an experienced Montgomery Campaign Signs printer, you can feel confident that your signage is on point.

Whether you have questions or want to get the ball rolling, give us a ring at 407-617-4289. If you’re ready to start brainstorming for your campaign, take advantage of our free, no-obligation sign design. And if you are looking just to get some ideas on winning your next campaign, we’re here for that too! 

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