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Mountain City Mayor Campaign Sign Ideas

Mountain City Mayor Campaign sign ideas

Here are two campaign sign ideas for Mountain cities in North Carolina like Canton or Boone.

Roberts for Canton City Council campaign sign

Both of these Mountains campaign signs feature unique colors and big bold fonts like you should use in any unique campaign sign or logo.

The First is a takeoff of the Blue Ridge Mountains view you see many times when in North Carolina. Smoky blue colors combine with green grass and trees to give the logo a superb attitude that is sure to stand out.

Mason for Mayor mountain Campaign Sign design for North Carolina cities

This 3 color campaign sign for a North Carolina mountain town features warm blueish green and yellowish orange with black for pop.

We design and print campaign signs for any candidate in North Carolina, but these two are just a couple of our favorite campaign yard sign designs for your political campaign.

Call us today at 407-617-4289 or visit our ideas and templates page.

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