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New Campaign Sign Designs

New Campaign Sign designs

Here are 4 campaign sign designs for different offices that we hope you will consider for your next run for office.

John powers for assessor yard sign
Powers for Assessor campaign sign or logo

John Powers for Assessor campaign sign is a red and blue design that incorporates stars and stripes in a unique fashion. This logo could be used for city council, mayor or judge.

Claire bell for judge campaign sign
Claire Bell for Judge campaign sign design

This light blue, yellow, red and black sign really pops. Any person with the last name Bell could use this design. It is upright because Bell is such a short name that full width can be 18″ on a 24″ x 18″ campaign sign and still be read at 35 mph. This design also uses a retro font.

Burchfield campaign sign
Eddie burchfield for city council campaign sign

Here are two colors that are very rarely used on a campaign sign, brownish red and orange. The B in Burchfield is highlighted.

Also, the Dennis Ryan for Tampa City Council sign uses letters that are on a curve to create interest. It is a blue and yellow campaign sign that really pops.

We can design your campaign sign design or logo totally free and no –ligation, just call 407-617-4289 and ask for Todd

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