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Raleigh Campaign Yard Sign Printer

You get a no obligation sign design and 2 Free Car Magnets with any order of 500 signs or more.

Campaign Signs can make a difference in Raleigh elections – But only if they are well designed.

What makes a great yard sign design for your election?

The most important variable is that voters can read everything printed on the sign. No need to print the greatest slogan on earth if you have to make so small that it interferes with the legibility of the Candidates name or political office. Save slogans for brochures and your website.

Is there great color contrast? Many candidates want to print in traditional blue and red. However, if the blue and red are touching most words are difficult to read.

Printing can be done in one color, two color or 4 color process. We also have the capability to print digitally. Digital printing can save a lot of money if you are putting your picture on the sign.

Read this article to see if you should put your photo on your campaign sign.

Make sure when designing the campaign sign that you do NOT use the following words: Vote, Elect or Re-Elect. It is implied and just takes away from building name id for the candidate. Have you ever heard of a voter saying, I only want to keep the incumbents? No, but many, many people say vote them all out.

You do not want to create negative name id from your signs by printing the word Re-elect or Keep.

One other variable when picking a campaign sign printer in Raleigh is how quickly can the signs be delivered. During campaign season it can be hard to get on a schedule and many printers will over promise and under deliver.

Make sure your vendor can print your large format signs ( like 4’ x 4’, 3.5’ x 4’ and 32” x 48” ) at the same time so your colors remain consistent.

Campaign Signs are permitted in North Carolina in the right of way. They cannot be more than 6 square feet in area and cannot be more than 42” in height. See Raleigh sign ordinance here.

There are different rules for placing signs on residential and commercial property in Raleigh, so get informed. Also make sure you are placing the correct disclaimer on your sign. It must be 5% of the height of the sign. So, on a normal 18” tall sign the disclaimer must be .9 inches.

My experience is not all candidates follow this rule about 5% of sign height as it severely interferes with great design ideas.

Disclaimer must be Paid for by ( committee ) so name your committee as short as possible so it does not take up so much room on your signs and brochures. Disclaimer must be a minimum of 12 point font.

You are also limited by when you can put out the signs. NC State law says 30 days before the start of early voting for placement of signs. Although it is quite common to place signs in peoples yards ( not in the right of way ) much earlier. So, if you are in the general election, you will probably be ok with putting out signs during the primary as most code enforcement officers do not have a list of candidates running for office.

When should you print the Campaign Signs for Raleigh elections?

This question is usually best answered by when you can afford them. The sooner the better as prices go up as the election gets closer. So for the 2021 Raleigh city elections in October,  I would say order before July.

What I recommend for candidates without an opponent is to order 100 signs, a banner and t-shirts early to use at fundraisers, events and political party monthly meetings. Just pick up the signs after use unlike during the 30 day window where you will just leave the sign out all the time.

Call 407-617-4289 to talk to a former political consultant about designing and printing your Raleigh campaign signs.

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