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Great examples of some of our Campaign Sign Ideas / Templates

Most of these campaigns are NOT real so we can make your design based off anything you see.
Click on the sign collage to take you to a page with even more designs.

Examples of Congress / US Senate Signs

Congress and senate yard sign templates

Example other cool and unique signs.

cool campaign sign

Examples of Governor and Statewide offices sign ideas

alabama governor campaign sign

10 musts for good campaign sign designs and some ideas


  1. This is the most important. Can everything on your campaign sign be read at 35 miles per hour?  If the answer is no. Start over.
  2. Use a bold san-serif font with adequate spacing between letters. (No curly cues or script fonts)
  3. Have the first name or last name the full width of the sign
  4. Don’t use dates unless it is a special election
  5. Don’t use vote, elect or re-elect, unless for alliterative value. They are all implied
  6. If using a website, don’t use www. (it makes most too small to read )
  7. Make sure you have the proper legal disclaimer.
  8. Unless it is a two or three word slogan don’t put on small signs. Save for large signs, website and direct mail.
  9. Try not to use the same color scheme as your opponent.
  10. Here is the hard one to convince most campaigns about. Rarely should you use the district number, seat number or county on the design. They are meaningless to voters and waste valuable space on a sign.
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