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Wakulla Florida Property Appraiser Campaign signs critique

Lets look at the campaign sign designs for the 3 candidates for Wakulla County Florida Property Appraiser in 2020.

You had Ed Brimner, Colby Sparkman and Ben Lovel running for Appraiser.

Brimner won the election by 3 votes, Yes 3 votes. I think I could have designed a sign for Colby Sparkman that might have made the difference in this election. In this case, the 3rd place finisher Lovel probably had the best design.

Ed Brimners sign.

Brimner for Wakulla Property Appraiser campaign yard sign

This sign is a little busy. I don’t mind that it is black and white, however Sparkmans signs were also black and white.

The best part about this sign is the last name and office are full width and easily readable. I think I would have put Ed under the house and removed elect. You definitely should not have the word elect on the sign twice. I would have removed Wakulla County as that is implied as the signs would only go up in that county so it is just superfluous.

I generally don’t love slogans on signs, but Elect Experience is so short that it can be read.

My redesign of Brimner campaign sign

Here is one of the Sparkman signs. He had two designs which is bad marketing and wasteful spending.

Finally, there is the Ben Lovel sign. It was simple and easily read. I do not think the blue color added anything to the design and would have just used white for that as well.

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