Sheriff Campaign Sign ideas, templates and logos.

Also what not to do when designing a yard sign for your campaign

1. Make it readable at 35 miles per hour by choosing a good bold sans serif font

The words on the sign to the left are not readable

2. Pick good contrasting colors

Never have blue and red touching when words. Just not enough contrast. Keep apart like in the sign above. Black on yellow is the highest contrast. Black on white is second. Red on white is 3rd.

3. Make either first or last name full width of sign. Campaign signs are for building name id and brand

The exception to this rule is if you have a 2 or 3 letter name, you can get away with not full width.

4. Design the sheriff campaign sign to be visually stimulating and memorable

Many campaigns use a star or badge incorporated into the design, just dont be ordinary

Break a rule to create a truly one of a kind sheriff campaign sign design