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When to order your political campaign signs

When to order campaign signs?
The first answer is when you can afford to order political yard signs.

If you have put in your name to run for office, but not yet qualified – you might only order a minimum order of signs. 50 to a 100 campaign signs should be enough to give to close friends and campaign contributors.  You will also want to put them out at any Tiger Bay meeting or political event you attend.  Just pick up the signs after the event.
Ordering a small amount does two things.

One, It might scare your opponent out when she realizes how organized and well funded you are.

Two, it allows us to create the artwork and be ready to print after qualifying happens. You can have the first signs in your county out in mass. This gives you a great advantage of creating name id before every corner is covered with signs. Yours will be the only campaigns signs out – instant buzz in the community.

After qualifying, or when you are absolutely certain that both you and your opponent are going to run, order your signs.
Your goal is to have at least 200 small signs and 10 large format signs up the very first day campaign signs are allowed in your municipality. You will get calls from friends and campaign checks this week as people who had no idea you were running see your yard signs go up.

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